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Policies and Procedures Development


With today’s complex business environment and moving away from the simple entrepreneur business to the corporate structure, the need for professional Company policies and procedures that govern the relationship of the various processes emerge as the most sought task in business. Becker Advisors with its extensive experience, has helped its clients in the proper development and implementation of policies and procedures such as:

- Review of the business for the purpose of developing and establishing an effective organizational structure.

- Development of the company’s financial policies and procedures in accordance with international accounting standards.

- Development of the company’s human resources policies and procedures in accordance with local employment laws.

- Development of the company’s marketing and sales policies and procedures.

- Development of procurement policies and procedures to ensure attainment of favorable purchasing terms.

- Development of costing policies and procedures to ensure that production cost reflects a reasonable basis for decision- making.

- Development of our clients’ schedule of authorities’ matrix. Becker approach has always been an advocate for the “Management by Exception” approach, where management level authorities are directly tied into the clients’ budgeting process, thus ensuring important flexibility in the decision-making process for meeting the challenges of the market.

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