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Becker Advisors Accounting & Taxation             بيكر أدفايزرز لتنظيم السجلات و الإجراءات الضريبية

Tax Agency -TAN      30000145    وكالة ضريبية معتمدة رقم

Becker Advisors accounting & Taxation, is a proactive consulting firm and a registered Tax Agency of highly professional and certified consultants working out in the middle east. Becker Advisors was established with an aim to provide experience based corporate finance advisory to corporations and institutions in the middle east. Becker advisors provides both internal & external statutory audit services in the UAE under the banner of Muhanned Anbari Auditing of Accounts. We differ from the national and international firms in one all-important area the consistency and personal attention we provide in our professional working.

We emphasize establishing long-term strategic relationships, as we aim to truly become valuable advisers to the clients’ senior management through developing workable solutions to the challenges they face. This, we believe, can only be accomplished through:​

  • Fully understanding our client’s business

  • Open Communications

  • Assuming a proactive approach to all engagements

  • Utilization of the latest in technological innovations

  • Emphasis on proper planning

  • Delivering quality & timely services comparable to none

Are you looking for Corporate Tax Consultancy ? Call us now +971 4 589 6323 and we will help you 

What We Do 

As a registered Tax Agency (FTA partner), we provide a comprehensive range of taxation services and advice to business organizations. Our approach extends beyond compliance.  Rather; our professionals recognize and understand the impact of tax issues on businesses and adopt a proactive approach in identifying and bringing new effective ideas to our clients.

Business Valuation are considered to be a sophisticated art that requires a deep understanding of all facets of the business. We analyze the history of the company, its financial and operational ratios. We normalize the financial results by adjusting certain accounts to reflect a more reasonable position. 

we focuses on the rationale of any transaction where we evaluate the operational and financial synergies, diversification of the products and markets, market influence and strategic realignment, as well as value analysis.

Our extensive experience in financial analysis and reporting systems is put to our clients benefit. From reviewing the overall operational and financial trends to ensuring the clients management business decisions are sound, we utilizes the latest in analysis methods. 

Understanding the accounting industry developments as well as the computerized accounting systems is crucial for ensuring successful operation of businesses. We offer professional accounting services through maintaining our clients’ basic accounting records and the day-to-day accounting procedures.


Becker Advisors under the banner of Muhanned Anbari Auditing of accounts and with its partners who are active Certified Public Accountants licensed from USA goes beyond the regulatory requirement of expressing opinion on the clients’ financial statements into providing management with useful recommendations that improves their financial and accounting systems as well as their internal controls.

We helped our clients in the proper development and implementation of policies and procedures that govern the relationship of the various processes and increase the business efficiency.

Cash Flow Management has a key role in the success of any business; it is equally important as your business’s ability in delivering goods or services. We offers a wide range of cash-flow management solutions that assists you in effectively managing the cash flow of your business.

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