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VAT & Tax

We, Becker ِAdvisors Accounting & Taxation, are able to address virtually every area of local and international taxation . Our professionals provide highly tailored tax consulting and compliance services to help our clients meet management objectives and minimize the tax effects of complex business decisions.

Our tax division provides a comprehensive range of taxation services and advice to business organizations. Our approach extends beyond compliance. Rather; our professionals recognize and understand the impact of tax issues on businesses and adopt a proactive approach in identifying and bringing new effective ideas to our clients.

UAE Ministry of Finance has released an information on the newly introduced Value-Added Tax (VAT) in UAE, which will be applied starting from 1 January 2018. Businesses can register for VAT from September 2017. Becker ِAdvisors Accounting & Taxation has more than 20 years of experience in providing accounting and auditing services in middle east, and with regard to this new implementation of VAT in UAE, we offer VAT accounting and VAT consultant services in Dubai and UAE. As your Tax consultant, following are the things that we are capable of doing for you as we lead you step-by-step towards grasping the new concept of the VAT.

VAT Calculation, VAT Accounting, VAT Documentation Services and Tax return Services

  • Preparing tax calculations

  • Managing your corporate accounts books

  • Introduction of an accounting software that can adopt VAT calculations

  • Charging VAT on supplies at the correct rate

  • Calculating net tax payable to local tax authorities

  • Calculating VAT deductible on purchases

  • Calculating output VAT on imports from member countries and non-member countries

  • Calculating input VAT on export to member and non-member countries

  • Keeping the correct documentation in relation to invoices, records, account, VAT returns, etc.

  • Tax return services - Filing tax returns with local tax authorities


VAT Law Compliance, VAT Registration and Implementation Services

  • Ensuring that your business is aligned to the compliance practices with VAT requirements

  • Registering your company with the local tax authorities

  • Confirmation of VAT optimization by reviewing the company’s compliance practice (with VAT recovery opportunities, cash flow planning, mitigation of potential VAT exposures)

  • VAT perspective structuring (consists of contract and transaction review; schemes for supply chain optimization)

  • Planning and structuring in order for cash flow management to be not affected

  • Business impact assessment—mapping existing systems and identifying key VAT touch points

  • Updating you regarding all the changes in tax regulations (such as VAT penalties, which is to be announced by MoF)

  • Reviewing essential documents, such as live contracts, VAT clauses incorporation in the live and new contracts, and other associated documents

  • Conducting training for the whole organization for everyone to be aware and prepared on what the effect of VAT exactly is

  • Consultancy on industry-focused VAT (e.g., retail/ marketing, financial services, real estate)

  • Implementation of e-invoicing and e-archiving; ERP reviews

  • VAT audits and litigation support assistance

  • Advising, developing, and aiding in restructuring transactions, supply chain, and other associated processes

  • Advising and supporting with regard to necessary changes in the IT systems and applications


If you require VAT consultancy services in regards to VAT planning, VAT calculation, VAT compliance with the local requirements, VAT registration with UAE tax authorities, or any other services related to taxation in UAE, please contact us.

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