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Strategic Planning


In this age of complexities, no business can survive without some form of strategic planning. Becker Advisors assists its clients in devising a plan to be a guide for management into moving forward to a potentially successful future. Strategic planning can be performed for a startup business, or for an expansion project. Strategic planning is comprised of two distinctly related sections:

- Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Becker studies the business idea and concept on behalf of our clients and evaluates the many related factors in determining the feasibility of the idea. Factors evaluated include, but are not limited to:

- Market Conditions
- Competition
- Product Integration
- Risk Assessment
- Management Team Credentials
- Capital Investment Requirements
- Financial Budgeting and Forecasting as well as calculating profitability measures


- Cost Containment and Restructuring

Many businesses lose control and efficiency of their operational costs as they become successful in securing their revenue. However, higher revenue does not always signify ultimate net profit. Becker, with an objective view, reviews and determines the best methods in managing the company’s direct and operational cost and securing a definitive profitability position.

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