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Tax Agent Service, UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman| Becker Advisors Accounting & Taxation

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Tax Agent in UAE:

It is not always applicable for the companies to look after tax issues and resolve them with the concerned authority (FTA) by themselves. It is necessary for the companies to appoint an expert to handle tax matters. Once a Tax Agent is appointed by the any taxable person or non resident business, the following benefits will be counted

  • Appointed Tax agents are assigned by the authority to represent their client in-front of the FTA while Tax consultants who are not registered or approved by FTA cant represent their client and are not allowed to contact the FTA in case of any issues related to Tax filling or Tax recovery which will create difficulty and confusion for companies and business owners.

  • FTA might ask for some documents and records to be submitted in specific format and in Arabic Language and the TAX agent is required by the FTA regulation to be Arabic proficient, hence the companies and business owners taxable will get ride of the headache to maintain the required records having the registered Tax agent on board.

  • Taxable person is required to comply with may condition including proper documents and records plus timely filling of Tax return. Tax Agent will be the knowledgeable source of the Tax Law and regulation where the business are in need for their professional advice.

  • Tax agent will be updated with all FTA updates and announcements which will help the business to avoid many issues and complication due to penalty and audit and will save the business from having penalty due to noncompliance.

Once Becker Advisors Accounting & Taxation Procedures is appointed as your tax agent, we will be responsible to provide all the information, documents, records and data to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) if requested to submit on behalf of you. We, as your Tax agent in UAE, will act on behalf of you with regard to all your tax affairs with the Federal Tax Authority.


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