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Restructuring and Reorganizations

At Becker Advisors, we actively provide our expert advice, transactional experience, as well as restructuring, reorganization and due diligence advisory services to our clients who range from corporations, secured and unsecured creditors, as well as debtors. Our capital market and mergers and acquisition expertise are firmly demonstrated when a new equity investment or a merger or divestment is the conclusion of a restructuring or reorganization strategy.

We believe that our restructuring, reorganization, and due diligence advisory service helps our clients enhance shareholder value through implementing strategies to achieve market growth, return cash to the shareholders, provide an exit mechanism to the shareholders, or prevent a hostile takeover. 

Additionally, this service can be utilized by our clients to address business failures. It is our belief that the earlier we are engaged in a restructuring and reorganization mandate to address a business failure, the greater the number of solutions that will be identified and remain available, which increases the probability of reaching a consensual resolution, where that value is often maximized through expediency and the focus of an engagement is to quickly analyze the key issues facing each situation to identify and provide sound advice with respect to the business and various alternative solutions to drive the process to an efficient and successful conclusion.

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